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Rose Gold and Floral Bachelorette Party!

By Regan Kindrick
on September 24, 2018

Rose Gold Bachelorette Party!!


ok, so who doesn't love Rose Gold?! You can't go anywhere at the moment without seeing it everywhere! We took inspiration from that for this Rose Gold Bride to Be party that we planned for our clients! Check out how we helped create a fun day with these unique touches!

Rose Gold Bachelorette Party

Bride to Be Balloons
Glitter Engagement Ring Centerpiece
Rose Gold Napkins
Glitter Ring Hanging Decoration

pink watercolour bachelorette badges

Watercolor Pink Hen and Bride Party Badges

floral bachelorette party ideas

Floral Stationary
Tie Dye Purple Balloons

giant gold engagement ring balloon

Giant Engagement Ring Foil Balloon

gold glitter engagement ring table centrepiece

rose gold glitter table pieces

Glitter Engagement Ring Centerpiece
Rose Gold Napkins

rose gold bachelorette party decorations

Rose Gold Napkins
Sip Sparkle Shine Napkins

Rose Gold Party accessories

Rose Gold Foil Cups


Our Engagement Shoot in Knole Park

By Regan Kindrick
on September 15, 2017

We had our engagement shoot over the weekend and I thought I would share a few photos with you guys! We had a great photographer (http://www.camillaarnholdphotography.com/). I would highly recommend her! She was absolutely amazing and made myself and my fiance really feel at ease with the whole thing, especially as we aren't used to this whole posing thing! 

I put just a few down below for you to see but we were super lucky with the weather that day!

Knole Park Engagement photos

Knole Park Engagement shoot


Engagement Shoot in Knole Park


Engagement photos

Knole Park Engagement Photos

Knole Park Photography

Knole Park Engagement Shoot

Camilla Arnhold Photography

Knole Park

Knole Park Engagement session

Park engagement photo shoot

engagement ideas in Park

Summer engagement shoot

Engagement Photos

My Bridesmaid Proposal Box!

By Regan Kindrick
on August 08, 2017
My Bridesmaid Proposal Box!

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Ok so some people may say I’ve gone a little overboard on how to ask my bridesmaids if they will be my bridesmaids! To be honest though, if the owner of The Party Postman can’t go all out, then I don’t know who can!
It took a long time to decide who I was going to choose to be in my ‘Bride Tribe’ but I eventually narrowed it down to 4 special ladies in my life! I haven’t actually spoken to any of them about being my bridesmaid before, so I really hope this whole thing will be a real surprise for them.
I knew I wanted to do something fun and surprising so I decided to go a proposal box. Now before I went about choosing the products and making anything, I decided to do some research to give myself some creative ideas on what I wanted to put into my Bridesmaid proposal box.
My wedding colours are light blue and gold so I wanted to focus the box around these colours to give it a nice consistent feel! That’s really handy because a lot of the products we sell in store match these colours so I started doing through and thinking about what I would like in the box. Some of the stuff was super obvious but others I actually created for this box specifically but now offer in store.
bridesmaid proposal box
Check out all the items I put in below:
  • Why Limit Happy to an Hour – Stemless Wine Glass
  • Best Ideas Ever! Notebook
    Rose Tea Lights
  • Nail Files
  • Hair Ties
  • Bridesmaid Canvas Bag
Once I got all of this together, I wanted to make sure that I kept the theme going so bought all of these supplies to really add to the decoration!
  • Insert photo of Shredded Tissue Paper, Ribbon, Gold Glitter wrapping & Gold engagement ring confetti With Box in the background
Engagement Ring Confetti is available here

You can buy these boxes from us here which will come out flat shipped to you. We have them completely blank so you can design them for how you’d like or you can get them with our personalization with the ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ on the inside with the name on the top.
I know all this planning and creating makes me look like a bridezilla so my next point might sound a little silly but I wanted to make sure that my bridesmaids know what they are in for. I’ve been part of some weddings where you’re expected to talk about the thing for the rest of your life! Literally, like and text every other day a year before! I knew I didn’t want to be that kind of bride so I just wanted to let them know exactly what I expected (which really isn’t much!). Therefore, I created this little pack.
bridesmaid proposal gift set
canvas bag design bridesmaid gift
I know what you’re thinking…. I’m obsessive. I guess I am slightly but I really wanted to make this look like a nice little gift and a sort of invite. I designed the invites myself and you can see below what I put on each card. 
Bridesmaid Proposal Team Sheets
The first card was just a pretty proposal sheet that said 'Pretty Please Say You'll Be My Bridesmaid' and then the next cards were just:
- A note from the bride
- The venue and information for the day
- Bridesmaid Team Sheet
- Dress Choices
So then I put it all together and ended up with this!
Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas
Bridesmaid Canvas Bag
Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Set
What do you guys think? Would you say yes?! I hope so!
I finally did the finishing touches to the whole thing,  wrapping! Now if you know me, you know I love a good wrapping session (of gifts only!). My favourite thing is to give a gift and see a big smile on their face after they have seen how much time I spent on it.
 gold and blue gift wrapping
Light Blue Ribbon -
Gold Glitter Pegs -
Personalised Gift Name Tags –
I originally used tape to stick down the gold glitter paper but it turns out the paper has so much glitter that it means the tape doesn’t stick very well. I only realized this after I put the bow and the wrap! Therefore, I had to get some hot glue and start gluing it down which seemed to work a treat!
I love having them all together! I just think it looks so cute!
Bridesmaid Gold Glitter Gift Wrapping
Now I know everyone loves a really pretty and effective Pull Bow. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pull bow in the light blue colour I wanted. Therefore…. I made one! I was so proud of myself on this, that I actually created a whole blog post about how to make home made pull bows. That way you can ensure your present will be in the exact colour you want!

I Got Engaged!!

By Regan Kindrick
on April 17, 2017
I have some very exciting news up on the blog today! I got engaged! My partner and I have been together for the last 8 and half years and haven't thought much about marriage because we pretty much knew we would be together for a long time!
It was really unexpected so I guess I will just tell you how it happened now!
My boyfriend took me to Cornwall for the long Easter Weekend. He took me to this lovely hotel called The Scarlett Hotel. I had no idea what a fancy hotel it was until we got there. It's in a beautiful location right next to Mawgan Perth with beautiful views of the sea and the countryside. 

Image result for the scarlet hotel

We drove up there and all through it, I thought my boyfriend was acting a bit nervous but I knew he had been having a difficult time at work so I thought it was just that. Cornwall Engagement

We then spent most of the weekend going for nice long walks and enjoying the outdoor spa. We were sitting back and relaxing on the porch after a hot tub, watching the sea and all the people on the beach and all I said to my boyfriend was that I hope we are doing the same thing in 60 years time.

Little did I know that was his cue. He told me he had one more thing to ask me and then went inside and got down on one knee. I really wasn't expecting it at all but was so happy that he asked and obviously I said Yes!!

Here's the ring that he proposed to me with. If I had known that he was going to propose I would have obviously gotten a manicure! Something really ridiculous is that when he initially proposed, I couldn't fit the ring on because they had become super fat in the hot tub! Luckily they fit once my fingers swelling went down.

 Neil Lane Engagement Ring

Afterwards we went out and celebrated at Jamie's restaurant in Watergate Bay. it was so nice and lovely to be able to share this lovely memory with all of you :) <3

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