I have some very exciting news up on the blog today! I got engaged! My partner and I have been together for the last 8 and half years and haven't thought much about marriage because we pretty much knew we would be together for a long time!
It was really unexpected so I guess I will just tell you how it happened now!
My boyfriend took me to Cornwall for the long Easter Weekend. He took me to this lovely hotel called The Scarlett Hotel. I had no idea what a fancy hotel it was until we got there. It's in a beautiful location right next to Mawgan Perth with beautiful views of the sea and the countryside. 

Image result for the scarlet hotel

We drove up there and all through it, I thought my boyfriend was acting a bit nervous but I knew he had been having a difficult time at work so I thought it was just that. Cornwall Engagement

We then spent most of the weekend going for nice long walks and enjoying the outdoor spa. We were sitting back and relaxing on the porch after a hot tub, watching the sea and all the people on the beach and all I said to my boyfriend was that I hope we are doing the same thing in 60 years time.

Little did I know that was his cue. He told me he had one more thing to ask me and then went inside and got down on one knee. I really wasn't expecting it at all but was so happy that he asked and obviously I said Yes!!

Here's the ring that he proposed to me with. If I had known that he was going to propose I would have obviously gotten a manicure! Something really ridiculous is that when he initially proposed, I couldn't fit the ring on because they had become super fat in the hot tub! Luckily they fit once my fingers swelling went down.

 Neil Lane Engagement Ring

Afterwards we went out and celebrated at Jamie's restaurant in Watergate Bay. it was so nice and lovely to be able to share this lovely memory with all of you :) <3