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Champagne and Wine Gold Balloon Garland


This Balloon Garland is PERFECT for a photo backdrop! You will get everything you need to create this really cool garland! We have a special balloon strip that makes it simple and easy to create this balloon garland effect. They are self assembly and will take about 45 minutes to make! It's so easy! 

In each pack you will recieve:

1 x 37" Champagne Foil Balloon
1 x 39" Champagne Flute Balloon
2 x 11" Gold Balloons
3 x 11" Gold Confetti Filled Balloons
20 x 5" Gold Balloons
1 x Hand Pump
1 x 4ft Balloon Garland Strip
Strong to attach the Garland to the wall

How to Create
1) Inflate all of your balloons with the hand pump provided. Please note the Champange and flute balloon will take a little longer than the rest due to their size.
2) Take the 4ft Balloon strip and push out the holes
3) Attach the ends of the balloons into the holes
4) Stick the balloons to the wall.