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Custom Colours for Confetti Filled Giant Round Clear Balloons


You've seen these all over Pinterest! Now it's your chance to actually get your hands on these spectacular balloons! We can fill a balloon with different colours to suit your event! The Balloon will come prefilled with your chosen confetti colours so all you will need to do is get it inflated locally. The Balloon when full size is 36" and clear so you can see all of the confetti inside.

Colours available for custom orders:

Silver, Mint, Lavender, Light pink, light blue, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Yellow, Cream, Hot Pink, Deep Purple, Gold, Red, Black, White,

The balloons will come deflated so you will need to inflate it locally.

If you would like the confetti to look the way it does in the photo, please note that you will have to shake the balloon to get the confetti moving. Gravity will unfortunately make them eventually fall to the bottom of the balloon.

Please note as these balloons are very large they require a lot of helium for them to float adequately.

We also sell smaller 16" balloons that require less helium to float. Check out our other listings.

Please see the below colours that come as standard:

- How do you inflate the Balloons?
These balloons are inflated like regular helium balloons in which you put the end onto the helium nozzle. We have a handy video to help you see this as well. check out the link for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQOqXPBSAyw&feature=youtu.be