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Inflated Clear Confetti Balloon for gift to send in the Mail or Post

These balloons are perfect to ask anyone that you love a sweet question! This balloon has light pink, dark pink and gold tissue confetti inside with a handmade tail of matching pink tone circles!

At the bottom of the balloon there is a balloon weight which has a tag and your special message attached. For your own message please write it in the 'notes to seller' section at checkout.

You have 2 options on how you would like these sent to you, they can either be sent inflated or uninflated.

1) These balloons can be filled / inflated with helium and upon arrival, they will float out of the box to surprise and delight the person you are asking the question to them. If you would like to order these to go to specific addresses, please order them one checkout at a time so you have the correct address on each balloon. The box the balloon is sent in is 40cm squared.

2) You can buy these uninflated and you can inflate them yourself and give them to your friend so you can see their surprised face! You will receive:
- 1 x plastic confetti balloon
- 1 x light pink and dark pink circle tail
- 1 x Balloon Weight
- 1 x Gift tag

The balloons:
Quantity : 1 per order
Material: The balloons are made from plastic which makes them very durable, tissue, card and confetti.

The balloon can be expected to stay afloat for approximately 1-2 weeks, but the record is 4 weeks!
Each balloon is carefully wrapped in sheets of tissue paper inside the outer box.

Each balloon is approximately 40cm diameter and the tails are approximately 1.5m in length.