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London Tube Map Table Seating Plan for Weddings Birthdays Parties

This is a cool seating plan to go with a British or London themed wedding. It's editable so you can put in your own names for each table or delete the tube sections if you have less tables. It comes as a .docx file and was created on an A3 setting so that it would be good quality for when you print.

Please note, that you will recieve the below station lines:

-District Line
-Jubilee Line
- Victoria Line
- Circle Line
- Northern Line
- Metropolitan Line
- Waterloo and City Line
- Bakerloo Line
- Hammersmith & City Line
- Piccadilly Line

Within the cost of this listing you will receive the template of this plan as shown in the pictures. There is no editing or customization given with this listing. This item is given in word format however so you are able to edit this yourself and you can input your own names and delete lines as needed.

If you would like different stations this requires customization and comes at an extra cost.

Using older Word documents can sometimes make this item work slowly, please be patient with it when removing stations. Also if you are using an iPad or Apple devices to edit please ensure that you open this in Microsoft word otherwise it will not open correctly.

Please note as this this a digital file we do not accept refunds on these items if it has been downloaded.